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How to Get Rid of A Headache

How to Get Rid of A Headache, Headaches

I> How to naturally prevent and treat headaches? 

A persistent headache can lead to asthenia. Here the small tricks that can help reduce pain in a natural way.

Taking a rest

Headaches are a sign that your body needs to rest, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, Executive Director of the Boston hospital, said the American. “Many people are very busy and do not want to take the time to rest, but if considering to balance spending time each person needs to spend 10 minutes to lie down and relax when felt signs of a headache forming. After the break, we can use next time better than continuing to stand alone is anti-“, Dr. Loder said. The same opinion with Loder, Dr. Mark w. Green, Director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York (United States of America) also recommends lay resting in a room ventilation and lighting. If possible, try to sleep for an hour or so, is the great solution to repel headaches.

Eating more frequent meals

If you do not eat anything in too long, and feeling soreness or blurry eyes go may be the consequence of the phenomenon of jet lag cures. In this case, please immediately eat something to suppress the pain. Some studies show that foods rich in magnesium (spinach, tofu, olive oil, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds) are particularly useful in this case. Health experts advise those who regularly suffer headaches attack should make much tiny breakfast diet in July aims to stabilize blood sugar.

Applying cold compresses

Lie down with a cold towel or gauze pressure cold forehead or eyes can temporarily cool down the pain first broke out, and can even help it disappear completely, Dr. Loder recommended. Can also use these small stones roll into the towel to rub up to the forehead as long as 10 minutes to ease the pain. According to Dr. Loder, the brain will be the cold stimulation and no longer pay attention to the pain.

Hot bath

When having a headache, showering may be what you need, Dr. Green said. People who wake up with a sore head burning urination is not rare, and not a few who try Hamster on the bed, pretending that there is no truth, or hope it will pass away. However, will never happen if we do not intervene. What can help us to get rid of headaches is to start a new day with a cup of coffee (if you are a coffee addict), breakfast, and a loose body under the hot shower. If your headaches are related to cold or sinus pressure, warm temperature of water faucet can appease the pain.


One of the traditional methods but distinctly effective to treat headaches is massaged. According to Dr. Loder, gentle pressure onto the solar can help temporarily relieve pain. In a study from New Zealand, who suffered from a migraine have a better sleep when massage compared to those who did not apply this therapy. And a study in Spain in 2010 also found that migraine sufferers have a better mentality within 24 hours after a 30-minute massage.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, pressure a point between your thumb and index finger on the hand may help relieve headaches. Dr. Loder believes that this is a simple method, do no harm, but extremely effective. In addition, to ease the pain can also try acupuncture. The technique uses needles inserted into the skin to stimulate the nerve points on the body that have been proven to help prevent migraine headaches as well as tension headaches often.

Give up alcohol

Woke up with a sore head after a night of nights host, you don’t say is definitely something going on with the alcoholic. For those who are sensitive to headaches or migraines, even just a small amount of alcohol can also cause an attack of pain, according to Dr. Green. So, these people need a situation aware of his health to know when to stop.

Drink lots of water

Dehydration is one of the causes that aggravate headaches. Be sure to drink enough water and try to tap drinking habits throughout the day, instead of just drinking at the time of or during physical activity.

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight can increase the risk of migraine recurrence, according to a study by 2013 of Johns Hopkins University (USA). This is especially true for white women, those from 50 years old. According to Dr. Green, weight loss through diet and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight is one of the ways to prevent these headaches occur more frequently.

Limit stress

According to a study by 2014, the tension in my life causing these headaches. “Psychological stress can cause all sorts of physical tension that you aren’t even aware of,” Dr. Loder said. She recommends regular break when faced with stressful situations and relax with yoga, meditation, taking care of trees … or anything to help find the calm and temporarily quell the worries in mind.

Caffeine (but not too much)

A cup of coffee when signs of a headache are effective therapy by substance caffeine has the effect of relieving pain but use sparingly. According to Dr. Loder, caffeine is a knife blade. If the consumption of too much, too often, it would cause insomnia, resulting in headaches.

Away from the computer

Eye strain is also a cause of headaches. Health experts believe that sit on your computer during the many hours of exacerbating headaches. Not a formal study on this issue, but after talking to many patients, experts have concluded, the seating on the computer for long periods with high mental focus intensity can cause headaches. Therefore, please pay attention to the workspace and regular breaks every 30 minutes or so, take your eyes off the computer screen can reduce eyestrain and muscle stiffness.

Stay away from the Sun

According to a study from Harvard University (USA) in 2009, the risk of headache increases to 7.5% as the temperature rise 5 degrees c. “Hot light that causes dehydration and contributes to an increased risk of headaches” Dr. Green said. Hats, sunglasses can help in this case.

Regular exercise

Campaigning during a headache is not a good idea, but in fact, regular exercise is a good therapy to help you limit the pain. A 2009 study in Sweden found that migraine patients can relieve stress and aches after they set regular biking routine. Other research also indicates that yoga can also help prevent headaches.

Don’t chew gum

The habit of chewing gum sing can contribute to stretch the jaw to the brain, according to a study in 2014 of the Tel Aviv University (Israel). The scientists discovered that out of 30 studies participants who often have symptoms of a headache has improved the situation after they abandoned the habit of chewing gum sing. According to Dr. Loder, any activity that would lengthen the muscles in the head and neck area may cause headaches, furthermore keeping the mouth open, too long also made the situation worse.

Avoid foods that cause headaches

There has been much scientific evidence demonstrating some of the foods contribute to increased headaches, such as cheese, MSG, preservatives containing meats, canned, processed food available … If in doubt they should cause the headache pain, let’s quickly remove them from the menu

Avoid the noise

A common cause of migraines is too strong or light flashes continuously, the noise, the smell of the perfume. Stay away from such things as possible to limit the pain to start. A study of 2013 published in the journal Neurology discovered that some of the causes mentioned above may not be noticeable but powerful trigger headaches.

Front seat when being in car

Headaches are often associated with motion sickness, especially for those prone to nausea or pain. Simple measures to remedy this is to choose the front bench. Besides, you don’t try to read or watch the video while the car is running because it can disrupt the balance between the eyes and the ears, causing nausea, headache.

Getting enough sleep

One common cause of headaches is sleeping too little. A 2005 study published in the Journal Headache, those who slept an average of 5 hours per night are often at risk for headaches in the morning than those who slept 7-8 hours/night. However, also according to the experts, more sleep can trigger headaches, so it’s best to maintain the schedule form-stable and has the science of sleep.

Vitamin supplements

Some studies indicate that diet vitamin supplements can be helpful in preventing recurring headaches (even though the supplement varies in each). Vitamin B2 or riboflavin, coenzyme Q10, magnesium was discovered may help prevent headaches.

II> The common headache and treatment

A headache is not a rare symptom, they may just be the disease merely resolves but can also be the expression of the dangerous diseases such as brain tumor, infection, neck face nervous disorder or disease of the blood vessels of the brain.

Each head has back pain causes cause various diseases, need to clearly define how to handle efficiently. Same learn common headache diseases and treatments for each disease from right here with!

Headaches due to stress

Headaches caused by stress is also called the headaches pain caused by muscle spasms or headaches due to the psychological. This common form of a headache than females, especially those in middle level or with a history of depression, worries persist.

The characteristic expression:

Patients feel pain on both sides of the head, the pain occurs regularly, continuously.

A clap headache (very different from migraines), instead of feeling like the wired tight around the head, strong pain on either side.

The pain starts from the neck, lightly at first but will increasingly heavy.

Headaches several days even weeks continuously.


Is one of the most common headaches, headache due to nervous tensions can treat thanks to some barbiturates, beta blockers or antidepressants in some cases.

A headache each attack

Other than the headaches caused by stress, headache, each chain is derived from the root causes of the blood vessels. The disease occurs mainly in middle-aged men, especially those who have the habit of smoking or tobacco addiction.

The characteristic expression:

A common headache when starting sleeping from 1-3 hours after sleep or wake up.

Feeling severe pain around the head as being very strong.

A recurrent headache, pain for several days or several weeks.

When starting the patient, suffering the first half, then spread to the region of the forehead and Crown.

The pain, the need to have nail plug in the head and no fixed rhythm.

Accompanying symptoms such as facial edema, lacrimation, nose, choke out sweat, pupillary constriction and can have mild nausea.


Be one of a common headache derives from a nervous disorder status-chemistry according to the body’s natural cycle. Therefore, the use of corticosteroids treatments, lithium or methysergide … follow the instructions there.

Migraine headache (vascular headache)

One of the most common headache patients, the disease that causes the blood vessels, according to each headache bouts and is not currently unified was the main cause of the disease.

Another migraine with many other headaches, they have two main forms:

No migraine symptoms.

Headache symptoms.

The characteristic expression:

Migraine no symptoms prior notice:

Typically the pain appears in the morning, the new time slept, or in the evening; rarely see a headache during the day.

Strong pain over time and as the most powerful after only a few hours.

Pain on one side of the head for is around and the forehead; the pain has spread around the region.

Headaches following the rhythm of the circuit, and will worsen if the physical Stadium in the pain.

Accompanying symptoms such as nausea or headaches nausea, high blood pressure and are more sensitive to light or strong smells.

Headaches can last several days and had a few mild aftershocks after the pain ends.

Migraine Symptoms prior notice:

The neurological symptoms (afraid of light, fatigue, dizziness …) started before about 60 minutes compared to major headaches.

After the start of symptoms is feeling headaches accompanied by nausea, vision disorders …

Headache pain, Acupuncture needles rhythms as the circuit, stronger when campaigning.

The most characteristic are the headaches lasted under 60 minutes, and the patient will feel better then.

How to treat:

With migraines, preventive and treatment should be taken as directed by your doctor.

However, a number of ways to prevent the following common migraine disease can you should note:

Eat these foods like chocolate, cheese, coffee, alcohol, or tobacco.

Try to reduce stress.

Don’t take too many pills.

Some commonly used drugs include: beta blockers, serotonin, drug resistance group ergotamine group …

Some things should know about a common headache:

Some people suffer headaches after sex (in both men and women). Additionally, Helicobacter Pylori (commonly cause stomach duodenal ulcer) also has a role in some cases of a headache because it causes inflammation and vascular endothelium change. How to cure this headache type is taking antibiotics.

In addition, there are some simple methods can treat headaches at home, you can apply also very effective:

Heated foot bath

Apply a hot water bag on the back of the neck can help you get rid of headaches caused by stress. The heat will relax the muscles causing them pain.

For those with chronic headaches, to soak the feet in hot water for about 10 minutes before going to bed.

Drinking warm lemon water

Lemon is very effective in the treatment of headache pain. When you drink lemon water to warm, it would reduce the intensity of the headaches.

Another option is the lemon peel paste on the forehead. At the same time, you can also drink a cup of warm lemon tea 3-4 times each day when a headache.

Eat less chocolate

Quite simply, chocolate contains caffeine, an agent often cause headaches in many people. So, let’s eat chocolate if you do not want to be inflicted by the headaches.

Drink ginger tea

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in relieving headache pain. Ginger also helps relax blood vessels in the head, reducing the stress in the brain.

When having the headaches, you need to drink ginger tea 3-4 times a day to reduce inflammation in the body.

III> 9 common headache symptoms and how to treat

Hormonal headaches, headaches caused by weather changes, headaches because of insomnia … are those where the evidence. So how to fix it, please join us to explore!

  1. Headaches due to hormone

Headaches due to hormone may also manifest as migraines. A common migraine in women, the main reason is due to reduced estrogen levels. Magnesium is useful nutrients relieve headaches if used every month.

You should try to give 455 mg magnesium body on mỡi from foods such as beets, spinach. In addition, there are also much magnesium in foods such as bananas, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

  1. Headaches due to stress

Stress, stress, work pressure … is the common cause that leads to headaches and migraines. Active nerve overload, stress, lack of quality dining … leads to more than 70% of cases of an acute headache.

Beginning to feel a headache please stop all the work to find a place to relax, breathe fresh air and gently to soothe the pain down.

Let’s take the center of gravity is between the eyebrows, eyes, sit straight back, quiet soul, imagination is in the forest, under the sea, there are streams, birdsong … will relieve a headache. You can also sleep at least minutes or listen to music and not think to reduce stress, the pain has to also not intense (but not top heavy would suffer because of it).

If relaxing is not helpful to go visit to get early treatment. Prevention by building time work-rest, living thing. Take the time to relax (soak in a tub of warm water, walking, hiking, jogging, biking, or meditation, deep breathing, yoga …) to limit the factors stimulating the headaches.

  1. Headaches because of sleep

Lack of sleep, insomnia, sleep, not enough sleep, deep sleep … do the blood vessels dilate, powerful stimulation to nerves causing headaches, especially migraine.

You need to sleep, eat and drink full of nutrients that will reduce the frequency of 29% and 40% of the level of headaches and migraines, health guarantee for the brain. To avoid a headache caused by insomnia, make yourself the habit of going to sleep and wake up on time. Exercise regularly to have a deeper sleep. If insomnia, sleep, not enough sleep, sleep drop-outs … need to remove the caffeine in food rations.

  1. Headache due to weather

According to BS Owners Benefit, Institute for acupuncture, there are many causes of headaches, but the headaches caused by weather changes often tough and intense.

Headaches due to weather are not avoided, which must use pain relievers or day points, acupuncture, and relaxation to help the headaches. The patient should not take pain-killers without medical command. Features daily exercise, eating enough substance to enhance resistance to the body.

  1. Headache due to lack of water

Summer sweat, dehydrated and not supplement up or being hungry may also cause headaches (a migraine), if repeated several times could lead to stroke.

Avoid eating, drinking homemade easily cause headaches such as the amino acid Tyramine-containing foods (available in red wine, cheese), Nitrates (salami, antipasti, meat processing available), Nmol amino acid (chocolate) … making the blood vessel constriction or dilation of the blood suddenly.

So adding more protein and carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar levels, reduces the effective headaches. Daily supplements of sufficient amount of calcium through calcium-rich foods or drink tablets multivitamins (multivitamin) has a magnesium supplement will reduce a headache.

To the body thirst or dehydration also causes headaches, tired. If so please lay where the cool, quiet, low head pillow, drink plenty of water to balance the body and excrete the toxins. Additional right saline (or cold water mix salt, sugar) when out sweat, dehydration causes headaches. To avoid removing packed, should also not to distance themselves too long between meals.

  1. The smell of aromatherapy

If you come in contact with the products smell, perfume is also causing headaches.

If a headache due to this cause, should avoid using perfumes or scented products. When feel smothered in that crowded, let’s quickly find where the air, drink a cup of water and if possible take a fresh lemon smell will quickly regain balance.

  1. Headache due to light

Sunlight, fluorescent bulbs, the screen from the computer … a huge impact to the optic nerve, nerve, freeing the chemicals cause headaches, stinging eyes.

To avoid a headache caused by the light, summer sunny travel should wear sunscreen. Who should use a headache or incandescent bulbs in the room instead of the fluorescent bulbs? Working with the computer keeping a safe distance from eye to 25 cm on the screen.

  1. Migraine headache

A common migraine in women than men. People were afraid the sound and light (often with the sign as seen the light spots before the eyes or eyes dimmed, eyes, afraid of light, dizziness, nausea, digestive disorders, fatigue, sudden depression, anxiety, or excitement, say much …) then about 20 minutes will be a headache. However, there were no signs of people notice.

When a headache, try a deep, long sleep and wake almost health is restored. If a migraine repeats many times (most do), need a visit to a neurologist to find diseases and early treatment, lest lead to mental collapse or dangerous complications occurs.

  1. Flu

When sick, your body easier to lose salt and amount of water needed. One of the main cause of headaches is dehydration. Eating many fruits such as grapefruit, watermelon, melon, strawberry and pineapple every day to replenish water when suffering from the flu. You can also drink the types of fruit smoothies to compensate the amount of water lost.

IV> “Warning” the hazards of chronic headaches

Chronic headaches are not merely those aches repeats at the beginning. More dangerous when the disease becomes severe and causes many complications immeasurable. To know the impact of the deadly disease, invite you to view the following article.

Insomnia, memory loss, dementia, bipolar disorder is one of the dangerous development stages of chronic head pain. A chronic headache when getting started is just the pain of unknown cause, then the disease is becoming increasingly serious and if the patient continues to progress, the status will probably encounter these complications affects life and computer network.

Join the professionals learn about the complications that you unexpected, as well as some causes and ways to prevent migraines effect.

The grave impact of chronic headaches for life

As predicted and observed by some medical statistics organizations around the world, chronic head pain can influence diminish to more than 50% of productivity work or study of patients compared to normal people.

Due to the nature of the disease lasts about 25 million people did lose jobs each day, the total cost of offset for the treatment of this disease each year to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) have particularly noted that chronic head pain can be grouped with the same disease is even more dangerous level as paralyzed legs, arthritis or arthritis or low, or even proof of blindness, loss of memory, even cerebral.

When contracted chronic headache syndrome, the patient often impacted directly to the brain and other neural bodies, should work to take control of behavior such as anger, yelled at the General or possibly even fainted if the disease becomes severe.

The common causes of chronic headache

The disease can be the result of the process of thinking, focus on a problem that for too long, or due to work pressure in a long time.

A number of factors are recorded increases the risk to chronic head pain such as stimulants, light, hormones, nutrition, sleep disorders or due to some unhealthy lifestyle.

How to treat chronic headaches efficiency

From the common cause on I can easily see is having a healthy lifestyle will help you avoid headaches. Also when encountered symptoms a headache, you can use a number of methods are recognized experts here to treat or relieve headaches.

Using Western medicine treatment

The drugs used to treat include drug groups drug cut the pain team and reserve team. The drugs are often used as aspirin and paracetamol are pretty good effects in treating. However, it should not be used as medications for chronic diseases.

Use some alternative therapies such as acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been a fairly effective therapy in treating chronic headaches. In this treatment, your doctor will use a needle acupuncture to acupuncture to determine the positions (points) on the skin of people with migraine disease. But a downside of this approach is pretty much dependent on workmanship as well as medical treatment.

Use the natural herb

Natural herbal doctors are encouraged to use to treat the chronic diseases including chronic headaches. If no other medication is also difficult to find a reputable pharmacy you can use some of the drugs were prepared from herbs instead.

Medicine for chronic headaches are recommended

A chronic headache causes many complications that affect the lives and the computer network. Join the experts to find out the effect of a chronic headache.

Chronic headaches (also known as chronic headaches or chronic headaches can variety as headaches due to stress, headache, migraine, chain once. Due to the nature of the disease is the pain continuous or interrupted but has repeated many times should affect the quality of life of many people. So that figure out the effective chronic headaches is the major anxieties of many people.

To find the method for treatment of a chronic headache effectively you have to identify the main causes leading to the pain to have treatment as well as avoid headaches _ signs the premise of chronic head pain. There are now quite a lot of the chronic headache of unexpected efficiency are many. You can refer to the following:

For mild chronic headaches

→ Go to soothe the pain by lying in the room quiet, mild light, close your eyes, relax.

→ Use thumbs to massage the solar light.

→ Combines a warm bath or up a towel soaked in cold water up to the eye.

→ To the mind is relaxed, join a Yoga class is also an effective way for you to avoid these headaches.

If the headaches have the strong, difficult to control, you can use some type of pain reliever analgesic composition containing paracetamol components or aspirin.

However when using Western medicine to cure chronic headaches … you should carefully can be affected by a number of unwanted effects such as drowsiness, nausea, feeling restless in discomfort.

Some western medicines cause some side effects affecting daily living habits

→ One way be regarded as a remedy to cure a chronic headache that is a reasonable diet. Don’t use the food, food drink containing much acid tyramines, nitrates or other stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, canned food. This is one of the substances that cause muscle spasms and dilation of the blood vessels suddenly, causing the headaches.

→ Also should add some foods rich in protein, rich in fiber, drink plenty of water to the body be fully additional.

If a migraine repeats many times (most do), need a visit to a neurologist to find diseases and early treatment, avoid leading to the decline in morale or dangerous complications occur such as memory loss, memory loss, nervous disorders. Or you can also look to the drug prepared from the herb nature specializing in the treatment of migraines.

According to the biologist then some precious herb as the liquorice, chrysanthemum…. works like a drug miracle head pain.

V> Learn more of Diet for headaches

A headache is a disease that does not exclude any anyone, from young to old, from men to women, who may also be the headache pain. The diet is one of the important treatment direction for head pain, headaches. Here are some foods that are good for headaches:

Baked potatoes are good for headache

Delicious dishes will help soothe the pain eased, especially the headaches are related to alcohol in the drink. Alcohol is a diuretic causing substance. Therefore, we not only dehydration that also makes the body lose electrolytes such as potassium. Eating potassium-rich foods is the cushion measures the “remnants” of alcohol remain in the body is related to headaches. The truth is surprising the amount of potassium in a potato bake (shell) up to 721 mg. Meanwhile, a banana ration equivalent to only contain 467 mg

Carbohydrate-rich foods have a calming effect on the nervous

These people often lack starch Note: too few carbohydrates in the can is the cause of headaches that you are experiencing. If the diet contains too few carbohydrates, glycogen reserve level will decline – this is the main source of energy supply to the brain. This is also likely to accelerate the loss of water in the body, causing the lack of water. By limiting the energy source of the brain and cause the dehydrated, there diet too little carbohydrates is the source that caused the headaches. Therefore, the need to build a diet rich in carbohydrates with the focus on the types of foods such as bread made from wheat flour, oatmeal, yogurt or fruit. A diet rich in carbohydrates also help improve morale because they stimulate the body frees out more serotonin, a hormone has the effect of calming the nerves.

Water drops a headache

According to nutrition expert Stella Metsovo in California (USA), the loss of water is the leading cause of the headaches. If over and you feel dizzy, the more likely your body is in a State of dehydration.

So each day, we should complement enough from 2-2.5 liters of water per day (equivalent to 8 cups) to balance the body. Add a lemon slice into small cups of water also has a refreshing effect and reduce headaches. Those who regularly practice sports, drinking plenty of water is also important especially when feel exhausted and tired during and after the workout.

Moreover, the country will make it easy for the excretion of toxins can be the cause of your headaches. However, you should only drink filtered water, fruit juice, shalt not drink carbonated juices, which contain caffeine because it will increase your headaches.

The fruits are good for headaches


We know dehydration is one of the main cause of headaches. Watermelon is one of the foods containing a lot of water.

The dish consisted of watermelon Smoothie 2 cups melon has to detach the seeds, 1/2 milk jugs, a little honey and 1/2 spoonful of chopped ginger would be great options for help provide water for the body.

Some foods have a lot of other countries is fruit, Orange, strawberry, grapefruit, cucumber, soup, oatmeal, tomatoes, and lettuce, vegetables, spinach …

In addition to abundant natural water, green vegetables and fruits also contain more vitamin C and essential minerals such as ma-Jesus help relieve headache process helpful for you daily.


A glass of lemon water contains more salt can help a headache almost immediately. The absorption of salt is generally not recommended, but in the case of headaches, it has magical effects.


Use apples in each breakfast will help cure headaches due to stress-induced. Apples contain flavonoids plant helps reduce blood pressure and therefore reducing the risk of headaches.


Contains vitamin C, an oxygen compounds have analgesic properties. Some of the research suggests that vitamin C can help people feel less pain after suffering fractures or undergo orthopedic surgery.


When suffering from headaches, you often feel mentally tired, depressed, do not want to work …

The alkaloid in bananas can help you reduce stress, euphoria, increased mental confidence.

Besides, vitamin B6 and tryptophan in bananas also help produce high serotonin, decreased anxiety, anger, headache, very good.

Replenish glycogen

Glucose is the main source of energy supply to the brain, helping to stimulate the nerve fibers of the brain. So when the supply is decreasing, the condition of a headache will appear.

To support prevention and healing, your diet needs the glycogen-rich foods such as pumpkins are rich in iron and vitamin B6, help enhance the metabolism of glycogen into glucose.


Grain is the not only abundant fiber source that also is rich in magnesium a mineral works to soothe the pain of menstrual periods in women.

The magnesium rich foods such as seafood, nuts, avocados, raisins and green leafy vegetables also should be added daily.


Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins a and D, the substance of good pain relief.

Omega 3-fatty acids contained in salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, nuts (flaxseed and flaxseed oil), green vegetables are healthy fats have anti-inflammatory properties, limiting the disease involves inflammation of the brain.

The diet containing omega-3 combination storage is a great way to lessen the headaches of your discomfort.

Olive oil

Olive oil is known as foods rich in vitamin E, antioxidant helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation and balance thyroid hormone concentrations in the body, soothes headaches eased.

Olive oil is a good butter replacement foods rich in saturated fat, which can weaken the bones and cause pain. But remember to use olive oil carefully because each tablespoon of this oil provides up to 120 calories.

The other food sources rich in vitamin E include vegetable oils, nuts, butter …


When you suffer from headaches, which can be a warning sign that your body is suffering from the lack of calcium. According to expert Palinski, it is because the brain depends on calcium to efficient functioning.

Therefore, notes enhanced the food contains more calcium in yogurt meal as fat. This is a source of calcium is good for the body, does not contain sugar which has multiple probiotic, the bacteria are very beneficial to the small intestine.

Besides, vitamin B in fermented yogurt has a number of benefits for the functioning of the body such as growth and Division. These vitamins are known as riboflavin can contribute to cumulative energy and reduce headaches.

Cheese can help reduce pain. They contain two nutrients strengthen bones are calcium and vitamin d. Vitamin D can reduce chronic pain, according to the results of various studies.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, helping to keep estrogen levels are always stable and prevent migraines. They have the ability to improve the circulatory, again rich in ma-Jesus so may prevent migraines so well.

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